I've been a bad friend this week. I've been ignoring more phone calls, completely unintentionally, than I'd like to admit. I swear I'm not trying to be rude. ...I've just been hanging out with the hottest guy I know. And the sweetest. And the most charming.

So, when I'm not working all night, I'm thinking about him all day, and it's a really fun feeling.

So... forgive me. I'll try to call tomorrow. Or Monday.


Martin said...

I was just thinking about you the other day as well. :) *wink*

Seriously, I'm glad to hear things are going well, and it sounds like you've got yourself a nice catch! Congratulations!

Sweet said...

Happy for ya, and we'll talk one of these days!

yo daddy said...

Yeah...definetley...bad bad friend...Lol joking.. I"m working in DC now...Holla at a brotha

dcmasshole said...

Go for you. I had to site through an embarrassing relationship in which I was treated with little respect. He kept telling me that he wanted to be with me and he was done with his other "ex" boyfriend. Well, I'm not that naive and confronted him and he stated that his ex will always matter.

Basically, I got sick of the lies and his successful attempts to piss me off. Especially, a night at the club where he purposely brought up his boy Josh, but wanted to sleep with me. Well, I got up that Saturday and went out that next night. Well the hypocrite that rips on DC bars especially the one I was at shows up. I'm sure on purpose. H

His friend trys to convince me his feelings for me. He comes back and turns to me and says "Josh is a force that has to be recogned with and you just have to accept it." I said I wonder how Josh would feel if he knows about this. You made your choice and it is not fair to Josh nor me and I just left. His parting shot was I passive/agressive. What an ass. My last word to him was ciao.

Should have posted on my blog but was on a roll. I hope everything works out for you.